I’ve been using WordPress for the last 12 years. My first blog started up in 2005 and I remember how difficult it was to get it looking exactly how you wanted it. You had to have a pretty in depth developer skill set to get something even semi-custom. Not the case anymore. The WordPress community has exploded with amazing themes, addons, plugins, and most importantly – ease of use. The tools available from sites like Themeisle.com (current theme) offering amazing free themes and extremely powerful…Continue Reading “WordPress – Oh how far they have come”

I’ve been sufficiently annoyed with how dated the HSTouch app looks on iOS 7, that I’ve been working on an iOS 7 theme pack for HSTouch. It’s still a work in progress, but due to the interest on the HSTouch boards, I thought I’d throw what I have already created up for grabs. I’m designing this for the iPhone 5S. I can’t say for sure how well it’ll fit on an iPhone 6/6+ or 4S or below, but I’ll leave that up to whoever ends…Continue Reading “iOS 7 Theme for HSTouch”

I’ve got a couple of Raspberry Pi’s kicking around. One of the limitations that I didn’t quite like was that I needed to have an outlet nearby since the voltage drop over long extended USB runs can be too much when you’re pushing the Pi. I found this TP-Link Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit and saw that it had optional 5/9/12V DC power output. Since the Pi requires 5v, I thought I’d give it a try. I also had to pick up a StarTech.com USB2TYPEM2M…Continue Reading “Powering Raspberry Pi over Ethernet”

Ran in to this issue a while back, and at the time couldn’t find many resources online to help with this since I was in a rush to get this back up and running. If you’ve mounted LUNs and the disk and group doesn’t show up, and the status is online and invalid as shown below, here is the procedure to do it with Veritas Volume manager. To access it cat the .cfgrec file and pipe it to /usr/sbin/vprint -D – -ht. You can compare…Continue Reading “Rebuilding Veritas vxdg and vxdisk”