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I’ve been sufficiently annoyed with how dated the HSTouch app looks on iOS 7, that I’ve been working on an iOS 7 theme pack for HSTouch.
It’s still a work in progress, but due to the interest on the HSTouch boards, I thought I’d throw what I have already created up for grabs. I’m designing this for the iPhone 5S. I can’t say for sure how well it’ll fit on an iPhone 6/6+ or 4S or below, but I’ll leave that up to whoever ends up using the pack.

If you feel so inclined, you can buy me a beer or contribute to my man-cave here by donating through Paypal.

So far I’ve got:
– All Devices, Events, Cameras, Music, Living Area, and More buttons
– iOS Sliders and switches
– Server Time at the top of the page
– Full Retina support!

Need to create:
– Locks Page + graphics
– Weather Page + graphics
– Thermostat page + graphics (Haven’t yet purchased the Nest HSTouch plugin, so I’d accept a donation of that as well)

Things it can’t do:
– Wifi, Carrier, Battery, etc top text from the iPhone. I haven’t seen any way in HSTouch to pull this info from the iPhone, so I faked it to make it look more like an iOS app.

If you have any requests or if you’ve created any graphics that you’d like to add, shoot me an email at

You can download HSTouch iOS7 Pack here.

Quick tips for designing your HSTouch theme using my icon pack

For the default page, I set the with and height to 320×568. HSTouch doesn’t acccept full retina resolution for the icons inside of the designer, but I used the @2x at the end of the file name to tell iOS to use the high res png for the graphic and it’ll override what is inside of the xml file for the HSTouch theme. You do need to publish all icons with the theme when you deploy it.
For the background, I set ColorBackground to WhiteSmoke to get it closest to the iOS default background color.

For the icons along the bottom, the first icon starts at L0 T518 W64 H51, and then add it 64px from the left as I move along.
For the clock at the top, I used the text [$DATE=h:mm aa] and the font is Helvetica Neue, 9.749999pt, style=Bold. That was the closest I could get it to look like the default clock.
For the text at the top of the pages, I used Helvetica Neue, 13.9999981pt for the font.

If you need some inspiration on what to do with this pack, here are two screenshots of my setup.

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