WordPress – Oh how far they have come

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I’ve been using WordPress for the last 12 years. My first blog started up in 2005 and I remember how difficult it was to get it looking exactly how you wanted it. You had to have a pretty in depth developer skill set to get something even semi-custom.

Not the case anymore.

The WordPress community has exploded with amazing themes, addons, plugins, and most importantly – ease of use. The tools available from sites like Themeisle.com (current theme) offering amazing free themes and extremely powerful paid themes with endless customization options, it’s very easy to differentiate yourself from someone that is even using the exact same theme! I simply download the zip file from the providers site, go to the wordpress admin page, upload the zip, hit activate, BOOM. My entire site has a new fresh look. Drop in to the appearance tab, point and click and drag to change what you want. Easy. I just changed my whole layout.

As I look at firing back up this blog and helping others with their sites, I am thankful for the community and companies like Themeisle.com that have built and supported WordPress to become the world-class platform that it is today.

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